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The Problem of Sensitive Skin

Our dermatologists observed that 50% of the population has sensitive skin. We observed many users are still facing this problem although they are using premium commercial products. We met up with friends who are also facing similar problems.  That is when we started to wonder why no one has ever develop a pure and natural, dermatological grade skincare for sensitive skin

The Birth of Enydro Skincare

Enydro is a greek word for "hydrate". The brand is birthed with the belief that our skin needs delicate skin through sufficient hydration and protection. At Enydro, we understand the importance of designing skincare products of dermatological grade and this is especially essential for people with sensitive skin.

Leveraging on our clinical knowledge and extensive partnerships with experienced dermatologists in Singapore, Enydro introduces and will continue to introduce range of products suitable for sensitive and problematic skins. These products aim to help our customers regain or maintain healthy skin. It is our strong belief that such products should be effective, safe, accessible and affordable. 

Hello. Welcome to Endro! 

Your skin deserve nothing but the best!

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